Protection of 5G RRC Messages

Protection of 5G RRC messages

There are certain messages that 3GPP has defined that can be sent prior to Access stratum security activation and some messages which should not be sent without integrity protection or unciphered after AS security activation Below are the list of…

5G Icons on Phones

5G PS Icon Indicator on Mobile Phones

If you are working in Wireless communications for modem/device or RAN industry Have you ever wondered when the 5G ICON is displayed on the mobile? A UE will display 5G PS ICON when it is in the SA Coverage area…

Conditional Handover (CHO)

Conditional Handover (CHO) in 5G NR Release16

In Release-16, 3GPP Introduced a new Handover procedure that allows UE to decide to perform handover when certain conditions are met, In the Legacy handover procedure network was in charge of making the decision whether the handover should be performed…

2-Step RACH_msgB-Contents

2-Step RACH: msgB Contents information

In 2-Step RACH the msg2 i.e msgB Consists of a Random Access response and Contention resolution identity. It is a combination of msg2+msg4 from a 4-step RACH perspective. The details of msgA transmission and msgB reception are discussed in another…

2-Step RACH_msgB-Reception

2-Step RACH : MsgB Reception-Part2

msgB is a combination of Msg2 and Msg4. In response to a transmission of a PRACH and a PUSCH i.e msgA transmission, UE expects a Response from gNB containing MsgB information. The details related to msgB reception are discussed in this article.
2-step RACH in Release 16 of 5G-NR

2-Step RACH in Release-16 of 5G-NR

In Earlier versions of NR Releases prior to R-16, There was only one type of RACH procedure which is kind of similar to the LTE RACH procedure also known as the 4-Step RACH procedure. In the Release-16 NR version, 3GPP…