What is self Contained Slot?

What is self Contained Slot?

The self Contained slot can be defined as a slot that contains the Downlink part, Uplink part, and a Guard period. It was introduced in 5G-NR and the design system was not available in LTE. This provides flexibility in NR which delivers significantly lower latency when compared to LTE.

3GPP has not defined any term “Self-Contained” type Slot, but it is usually referred to in the industry as illustrated in the below image

Self Contained Slot

In the Self-contained Slot,

  • The downlink and uplink are separated by a Guard period.
  • So there can be Downlink Self contained slots and uplink self-contained slots.
  • Downlink self-contained slot consists of downlink data and its corresponding HARQ feedback.
  • The uplink self-contained slot consists of uplink scheduling information and uplink data.

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