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Radio Link Monitoring in 5G-NR

A UE when it is connected to the network, it needs to continuously monitor the Radio link for reliable communication. The UE monitor’s the downlink link quality based on the reference signal in order to detect the downlink radio link…


5G-NR Master Information Block (MIB)

MIB is mandatory system information that is broadcasted by the gNB at a set periodicity. During the initial cell selection procedure, UE assumes that the SSB is broadcasted every 20ms by the gNB. UE gets MIB by decoding the PBCH…

Guide to reading 3GPP Specifications

Guide to reading 3GPP Specifications

Reading specs from 3GPP can be sometimes very difficult as there are so many specs and navigating through each of them can be a daunting task and there is no definitive and clear guide on how to use the specs…

2-Step RACH_msgB-Contents

2-Step RACH: msgB Contents information

In 2-Step RACH the msg2 i.e msgB Consists of a Random Access response and Contention resolution identity. It is a combination of msg2+msg4 from a 4-step RACH perspective. The details of msgA transmission and msgB reception are discussed in another…

2-Step RACH_msgB-Reception

2-Step RACH : MsgB Reception-Part2

msgB is a combination of Msg2 and Msg4. In response to a transmission of a PRACH and a PUSCH i.e msgA transmission, UE expects a Response from gNB containing MsgB information. The details related to msgB reception are discussed in this article.