Self Contained Slot in 5G-NR?

In 5G New Radio (NR), “time slot” defines a specific time interval within the radio frame structure that facilitates data transmission and reception. Time slots play a crucial role in organizing the data flow in wireless communication systems like 5G…


What is the 10% BLER target in LTE and NR?

There is a Buzz word which everyone says that BLER should be under 10%, but 10% of what? There are two scenarios where BLER calculation is taken into account – BLER Target for Radio Link Monitoring– BLER Target for PDSCH…

5G-NR RACH Trigger reasons

RACH Decision-Making: How gNB Chooses CFRA or CBRA

In the 5G-NR RACH process, the gNB’s ability to configure Contention Free RACH to UE hinges on transmitting specific dedicated information. This includes the SSB index, PRACH Preamble, and RACH Occasion. For CFRA RACH to be initiated, the network must…