PDCCH order in 5G NR

PDCCH order is one of the reasons for RACH trigger in both LTE and 5G-NR. If the network detects that there is DL Data to be sent to UE in its MAC Buffer and there is a UL synchronization issue…

Reasons for RACH Failure

RACH Failure reasons in 5G-NR

RACH Failure can happen due to Multiple issues and there might be multiple reasons, I have listed down a list of RACH Failure reasons that can happen in 5G-NR. RACH process is a PHY/MAC Level procedure, but the RACH Configuration…

5G-NR RACH Trigger reasons

5G-NR RACH trigger reasons with details

In the intricate world of 5G networks, the Random Access Channel (RACH) serves as a vital gateway for User Equipment (UE) to establish initial communication with the network. While RACH is commonly associated with UE transitions from idle mode to…

5G-NR RACH Trigger reasons

RACH Decision-Making: How gNB Chooses CFRA or CBRA

In the 5G-NR RACH process, the gNB’s ability to configure Contention Free RACH to UE hinges on transmitting specific dedicated information. This includes the SSB index, PRACH Preamble, and RACH Occasion. For CFRA RACH to be initiated, the network must…

2-Step RACH_msgB-Contents

2-Step RACH: msgB Contents information

In 2-Step RACH the msg2 i.e msgB Consists of a Random Access response and Contention resolution identity. It is a combination of msg2+msg4 from a 4-step RACH perspective. The details of msgA transmission and msgB reception are discussed in another…

2-Step RACH_msgB-Reception

2-Step RACH : MsgB Reception-Part2

msgB is a combination of Msg2 and Msg4. In response to a transmission of a PRACH and a PUSCH i.e msgA transmission, UE expects a Response from gNB containing MsgB information. The details related to msgB reception are discussed in this article.