PDCCH order in 5G NR

PDCCH order is one of the reasons for RACH trigger in both LTE and 5G-NR. If the network detects that there is DL Data to be sent to UE in its MAC Buffer and there is a UL synchronization issue…

Reasons for RACH Failure

RACH Failure reasons in 5G-NR

RACH Failure can happen due to Multiple issues and there might be multiple reasons, I have listed down a list of RACH Failure reasons that can happen in 5G-NR. RACH process is a PHY/MAC Level procedure, but the RACH Configuration…

5G-NR RACH Trigger reasons

5G-NR RACH trigger reasons with details

There are certain conditions when UE needs to trigger RACH, even when it’s in RRC_CONNECTED mode. Below is the list of reasons when RACH Can be triggered in NSA and SA mode by a UE. NR RACH Trigger Reasons Initial…

2-Step RACH_msgB-Contents

2-Step RACH: msgB Contents information

In 2-Step RACH the msg2 i.e msgB Consists of a Random Access response and Contention resolution identity. It is a combination of msg2+msg4 from a 4-step RACH perspective. The details of msgA transmission and msgB reception are discussed in another…

2-Step RACH_msgB-Reception

2-Step RACH : MsgB Reception-Part2

msgB is a combination of Msg2 and Msg4. In response to a transmission of a PRACH and a PUSCH i.e msgA transmission, UE expects a Response from gNB containing MsgB information. The details related to msgB reception are discussed in this article.